Biospec 7T MRI

Biospec 7T MRI for Small Animal Imaging

Biospec 7T MRI for Small Animal Imaging

Spectrometer Information

  • 7T Bruker Biospec imaging located in Med. Sci D, Room 18D
  • Horizontal Bore Imaging
  • Uses Paravision 4 software on a RedHat Linux Workstation
  • Standard Gradient set with max gradient of 95 mT/m
  • Microgradient set with max gradient of 953 mT/m

Various Resonators

  • 72 mm ID Rat whole Body Volume Coil
  • 35 mm Mouse whole body Volume Coil
  • 25 mm Mouse Brain Volume Coil
  • 40 mm double tuned (HX) Rat Brain Volume Coil. X = 31P or 23Na
  • 20 mm dia. 1H surface coil.

Animal Studies

Users generally provide anesthesia and any surgery on their own animals. However animal anesthesia and surgery services studies can be contracted through the Vet Med Microsurgery Core. Their rates for animal handling/surgery are in addition to the the spectrometer use rates. Please ciontact Dr. Yi-Je (Jay) Chen at for more information.

Examples of Spectrometer Use

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NMR Facility Information

NMR Facility Staff

Prof. Gary Smith - Director, NMR Facility


Dr. Jeff WaltonMRI / Imaging and Misc. NMR


Dr. Ping Yu - Liquids and Solids NMR