UC Davis NMR Recharge Rates


Rate Policies:

1. Users will pay for all time for which they have signed up unless canceling at least 48 hours before the start of their run OR (preferably) arranging for another user to take their time. Monday runs must be canceled by Friday (not Saturday).

2. To encourage efficient use of the spectrometer, users requiring 1-4 hours will be assigned in the period 8AM-noon. Users signing up for 5-8 hours will be scheduled for 8 hours. This is to discourage the practice of (for example) running 11AM-3PM, so that only four hours are utilized but essentially no one else can use the instrument that day.

*Non-University rates may vary annually. Current Non-University Differential (NUD) must be assessed to non-university customers.

UC Davis NMR Facility Recharge Rates

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Prof. Gary Smith - Director, NMR Facility



Dr. Jeff WaltonMRI / Imaging and Misc. NMR



Dr. Ping Yu - Liquids and Solids NMR